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What is a Personal Umbrella Policy?

A personal umbrella policy provides an extra layer of liability protection above underlying automobile and homeowners liability coverage

Why should I have an Umbrella Policy?

Accidents can happen at any time. To help imagine the potential magnitude of a claim resulting from a serious accident, think of a school bus. It's important to be adequately covered.

In case of a claim or lawsuit, an umbrella policy can help protect your home and assets - your underlying policy pays the limit first, then the umbrella policy pays above and beyond

An umbrella policy provides comprehensive liability coverage and "personal injury" protection, such as slander, libel, or defamation of character

Policies offer from $1 million to $5 million of coverage

Premiums are very reasonable (starting around $180) in comparison to the amount of coverage you receive

Key Points to Remember

The liability limits on underlying policies must satisfy the umbrella policy requirements which vary with each company

If there is a gap in underlying coverage, the umbrella policy will not cover it

It's necessary to notify us when there are any changes in exposures (real estate, boats, auto, etc) within or out of Massachusetts to be sure you have the coverage you need

Commercial policies are also available to provide coverage for business activities

If you are interested in obtaining this highly recommended coverage or have any questions please contact our office.