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Who can get flood insurance?

Most residents of most communities can buy flood insurance on their houses, businesses and contents. Specifically, the community must participate in the National Flood Insurance Program, (NFIP) and the property must not be in a Coastal barrier or otherwise protected area

Where do I buy flood insurance?

Most insurance agents and brokers have access to the NFIP. Start with your current home or auto agent. Some insurance companies (Write Your Own or WYO companies) have a special arrangement with the NFIP to write federally reinsured flood policies. Rates are the same whether written with the NFIP or a WYO company.

How do I get a quote?

Flood rates depend on

Properties in zones B, C and X qualify for the Preferred Risk Program

There is a 30 day waiting period

for new policies to go into effect (there are a few exceptions). It's too late to buy flood insurance when the hurricane or flood crest is on the way.

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