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For Non-Profits & Associations



Bodily Injury
Injury, Sickness, Disease, Death

Property Damage
Physical damage to tangible property
Loss of use of tangible property not physically damaged

Personal Injury
False Arrest, Detention, Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, Wrongful Eviction or Entry, Slander or Libel, Invasion of Privacy, Advertising Injury, Oral or written publication of material slandering, libeling, disparaging others' goods, products or services; Oral or written publication of material that violates a person's right of privacy; Misappropriation of advertising ideas or business style, infringement of copyright, title or slogan.


Intentional Acts, Oil Leaks or other Pollution, Workers' Compensation Claims, Auto Claims, Watercraft Claims, War, Intentional Advertising Injury, Willful Violation of law, Erroneous Advertising; Employment related practices, such as wrongful termination, discrimination or sexual harassment.

Also excluded: Claims or allegations of civil liability, as opposed to bodily injury or physical damage. For example: allegation of financial or mental harm resulting from malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance (improper act or decision, improper implementation of a proper act or decision, failure of loyalty, disclosure or reasonable care).
Note: Defense and coverage for acts in this paragraph are covered by a Directors and Officers Errors and Omissions policy, which may also include coverage for Employment Related Practices.
For unpaid directors of nonprofit organizations, defense and coverage for acts in this paragraph are covered by most Personal Umbrella policies.


The organization, executive officers, directors, and members.


$1,000,000 each occurrence
$2,000,000 maximum total paid during policy period

Other Coverages Available

Property Coverage

On buildings, equipment, and office contents

Non Profit Directors And Officers Liability

In general, a D & O policy typically covers defense for and settlement of claims arising from governance and management, rather than bodily injury or property damage. An example might be loss of property value allegedly resulting from a bylaw decision.

Non-owned auto coverage

would insure your organization for claims arising out of others’ use of their own autos in your behalf. For example, if someone running an errand for the organization were involved in a serious accident, the organization may be sued as well as the member.
With nonowned automobile coverage, it is important to note that coverage does not extend to the other person - it covers only the organization itself. It is sometimes possible to obtain coverage for others for an additional premium.

Hired automobile coverage, often written in conjunction with non-owned auto coverage, extends coverage to automobiles hired, loaned, or leased, by your organization.

Workers Compensation

If the organization employs even part time workers, workers compensation is required by law.

Umbrella Policy

Provides an additional layer of liability coverage over the underlying policies. Subject to underwriting approval and purchase of required underlying limits of insurance.